Monday, April 28, 2014

Im Alive!

Apologies for my absence over the past few weeks. Moving house is exhausting!!! 
Add to that running a business & planning for a 10 week European trip that starts in less than 4 weeks & wellll…..
it doesn't leave much inspiration or time for blogging!

If you follow me on instagram (sally_rhys_jones) you will have seen some snaps of our new place.
The water is still incredibly warm (around 22 degrees!) so I've been getting down for a swim most days.
If not here are a few snaps of our last two weeks.

Getting the keys made more exciting with them attached to french bubbly!

The day before the removalists came….the essentials...

The 'i don't know where to put this yet' room.
Mind you, i still cant get my head around actually having more than one room!

After a marathon 14hr moving day the living room taking shape!

Have started to hang a few things up.

The corner of the living room…
Later that night the dimmer switch on the Kartell lamp melted & almost caught fire. Fail!

Dopeed into my 'Hydrangea lady' on the way back from Ikea!

Had a custom made mirrored cabinet installed on our bathroom wall.
Was exciting to finally design something for myself!

And most importantly have been getting to the beach every day!
I timed the ride on our wedding bike - 6 minutes front door to beach :)

But for now the apartment decorating has been largely abandoned to plan our trip!
This time in 4 weeks we will be in Italy…OMG.

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