Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dining Chair Dilemma

Im having a chair dilemma for my new place.
{Always the way when its for yourself!}
I have always wanted upholstered chairs a bit like this.....

But we are going with a round dining table & want 6 chairs & they simply wont fit!
Recently I've become obsessed with Malawi chairs {thanks Manyara home!}
But i also don't think 6 of those will fit either!

The husband just came out to look at some things with me & he likes the good old cross backs.
They are a classic & you cant go too wrong, but something in me is wondering if they are boring??
What are your thoughts?!


  1. As one gets older or has older guests around, nothing beats an upholstered chair.

  2. Sal, came across this today and it reminded me of your dining chair dilemma! The crossbacks actually look quite stylish with a round table in the after pic of this kitchen reno: http://www.designsponge.com/2014/02/before-after-a-cookie-cutter-kitchen-becomes-anything-but.html
    Love seeing your inspiration pics as you gather ideas for your new home.
    Daisy xo

  3. Purchased the cross back chairs last year, love them. Our previous chairs were heavy, cross backs are light and look great.



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