Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The year that was 2013

10 Years ago New Years eve was all about what party you were going to..
Now i find new years is a bit more reflective, possibly because my husband is a cop & is always working on new years so we never get to go out together!...or just because I've got older & don't really care about partying the night away anymore {yep...i think thats more it!}
Anyway i always find myself thinking on new years eve what I've achieved & the struggles in the year just gone. It's amazing how much can happen in one short year. I can tell you this time last year, i could have never imagined what has happened in 2013!

We sold our old apartment, and have lived with Ben's parents for the year.
Very excited that just before Christmas we bought a new home! 
Much bigger & a 10 min walk from the beach - a lifelong dream for me!

I was asked to be part of the Sanofi/World Diabetes Tour Type 1 Kilimanjaro expedition.
 In August I spent 3 weeks in Africa climbing mount Kilimanjaro with 12 other diabetics from around the world.
 I have made lifelong friends with a common bond. 
Since then i've spoken at the Jelly Bean Ball, World Diabetes Day & at the World Diabetes Congress! Wow!

Two of my closest family members have been battling cancer. My father in law who has prostate cancer, had radical surgery & is now recovering well. And my 80 year old grandmother who has liver cancer - the model of positivity & is rocking her new wig! 

On the work front my business continues to grow. Ive worked on some great projects with wonderful clients this year. 
A highlight was seeing my work featured twice in Home Beautiful Magazine!

I was bridesmaid for one of my best friends, and saw two others have their first babies!

Ive lost weight (and put some back on.....)

My amazing husband continues to be an inspiration in his job as a police officer
 He was awarded the region commanders certificate this year for his work {very proud moment!}

So 2014 - Lets do this!
Its sure to be a big one for us - in April we get the keys to our new home & then 4 weeks later we are off on a 10 week European Adventure through Northern Italy, Southern France & Northern Spain! Was supposed to be the big trip before another mortgage & a baby... 
Somehow ended up with the mortgage before it, so now just have to try to not make any babies before we go! :)

I wish you the best in seeing out the year & an amazing 2014 ahead :)


  1. If you make it up to the Loire area of France and want to soak up the ambiance of the best chateaux and wines in France, then a little soujourn in my French country apartment might suit you. I am Aussie and I love renting to Aussies.
    Have a look on www.loirevillageescape.com

    1. That would have been perfect sunny fields...only wont make it up to the loire this time :( we spent some time there last year & i loved it - so pretty!
      We will be down south & in the Pyrenees {and also in northern spain & northern italy} im starting to freak out at the multiplying costs - the euro isnt exactly great at the moment!!!! If you know of anyone else with place sin those areas id definitely love to hear about them! sal xx



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