Friday, November 15, 2013

Our Kilimanjaro Expedition Documentary!

A few months back i was the Australian member of a team of 12 Type 1 Diabetics to go to Africa to climb mount Kilimanjaro. 
We hope to inspire others with Diabetes, other illnesses or indeed no medical issues, to get out there & have a go! 
We had a camera crew with us & this was the film they made about the expedition
It was released today for World Diabetes Day. 
Hope you enjoy {and get a laugh out of how terrible i look!}


  1. Amazing Sal, ah-may-ZING! I'm so proud of you... Unless you live with diabetes everyday, you have no comprehension of how the simplest things can be a challenge. But you all proved that nothing is impossible. Such a fantastic achievement x

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  3. Congrats. Love this, inspirational!



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