Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Murchison & Hume

Last week i attended the launch of the rebranded 'Murchison Hume' range. 
I loved the look of old the packaging just as much, but the updated version has less text & cute motifs so you know what product your reaching for without having to read an essay ;) They have also added some new products to the range including leather & suede conditioner & some doggy wash & spray which i will definitely be purchasing when its out! I was interested (& maybe a bit surprised) to hear that all the products are organic & don't contain all the nasties that most cleaning products do - i hadn't know this before! 
Im not going to lie, I love cleaning products that look great too & the matching packaging totally appeals to my OCD! ;)

{The old packaging}

The new doggy range!

'New Bag Butler' & 'Spray Valet'

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