Monday, July 1, 2013

Winter Fashion Inspiration

I tend to find winter fashion a bit uninspiring. 
Maybe because I'm a 'dress' girl, or perhaps because despite owning a few paris of very cool jeans, I never put them on 
{does anyone else find jeans uncomfortable?!}
Plus it annoys me that its seldom cold enough here in Sydney to don cool winter coats! 
{except for maybe this week where I've almost bought a pair of gloves!} 
Here are some from the winter fashion inspiration files {all from my Pinterest Board} :)


  1. Love the outfit inspo Sally! I always struggle with winter fashion. Glad to see you now have a 'pin it' button incorporated on your blog pics! I really love the images you use, both personal and sourced from around the interwebs. Daisy :-)

  2. This is fantastic! I agree, it can be so hard to make winter fashion "inspired" I just feel like all I do is wear the same things I would in summer but with the staple black tights and boots. BORING.

    Thanks for the inspiration!



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