Monday, June 17, 2013

By Bye Apartment

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last week - as we have been moving out of our little apartment. 
After 5 years & many great times, including becoming engaged & getting married, it was getting a tad small for us. 
Its been featured in both Real Living magazine & in the latest Adore Magazine - so many great memories! 
We sold it after only one day on the market & had a 4 week settlement.
Have been packing, moving & cleaning like crazy!!!
Ive woken up this morning with a cold - need to take it easier this week i think!

Here we are the day we exchanged contracts...

and last night...looking a bit sad! 
Onto bigger & more exciting things - stay tuned!


  1. excited to see what you do with your new place! congrats!

    love from NYC,

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  2. More cool is your workout outfit?!



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